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Diaporos island

Diaporos island

The Aristotle's Park

The Aristotle's Park

The Aristotle's Park, a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located in a most beautiful area with a marvellous view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos.

The park is dedicated to the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle and includes a series of interesting instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. These experimental instruments, operating by rules of physics are mentioned in Aristotle’s textbooks and especially in the one called “The Naturals”. The instruments include a prismoptical discssounding bars, a compasssundial and pendulum – all illustrating important phenomena studied by the great philosopher.

Agios Nikolaos village

Agios Nikolaos village

Location: From Thessaloniki 107km- From Polygyros → 45km

Agios Nikolaos is one of the oldest villages in Halkidiki and it is known for its great historical interest.


The village was founded in the 14th century, as determined by the archaeological discoveries made in the Vertino hill. The village is situated idyllically in the middle of beautiful green surroundings thick with forests. Just outside the village stand the historic church of Agios Georgios and a castle.

Sofronios Basilica - Nikiti

Sofronios Basilica - Nikiti

Sofronios Basilika, dated back to the first half of the 5th century A.D., is one of the oldest early christian churches that have been found in the macedonian region.



Location: From Thessaloniki → 107km- From Polygyros → 45km

Vourvourou is s seaside tourist resort in eastern Sithonia, well known for its natural beauty and its nine small islands where the virgin nature and the secret charming beaches make it very special!


Vourvourou is located 5km from Ormos Panagias and it's an intoxicating combination of green and blue. There are 3 great swimming spots here: the beach of Vourvourou, the secluded cove of Karydi and the Livari Lagoon with its shallow waters. If you are a passionate explorer, there are nine tiny islands all around the bay that you need to explore; especially the larger one called “Diaporos”.

Worth it to see:

Petralona Cave

Petralona Cave is the most important of Greece’s 12,000 caves, thanks to its wealth of fossils (one of the richest collections in Europe)

and to the discovery of a human scull that dates back approximately 700.000 years!

The Cave of Petralona was accidentally discovered in 1959 by a villager. They named it "Red stones" (Kokkines Petres) because of the red earth which coloured the stalagmites and stalactites.

Mount Athos-the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world

Mount Athos-the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world

Mount Athos


Mount Athos -commonly known as the Holy Mountain- is the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world, consisting of 20 monasteries, 12 skites, and about 700 houses, cells or hermitages and approximately 2,000 monks. The “Garden of Virgin Mary” is the paradise of the eastern peninsula of Halkidiki! The Monastic State of the Holy Mountain is known to be the main carrier of Orthodox Christianity and holds spiritual glory and great history. It is a religious community with 1.000 years old monasteries, cells in caves or between the rocks, towers, domes, belfries, chants, etc. It is listed in UNESCO’s WORLD HERITAGE MONUMENTS.



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Mostly Clear
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